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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimizing. Florian Nitsch Consulting Group helps you to increase the ranking of your website in search engines like google, bing, yahoo, ASK and others. SEO consists of Onsite Optimizing, Content Management, Social Media and Backlinks.

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Paid Advertisments

Google, Facebook and other social media platforms know a lot about your potential clients and their habits. All this data has a lot of value and they offer to market your products and services to the right audience for a certain fee. You pay per click.

We at FNC have experience with paid advertisement and find the most efficient way to market your products and services to the right audience according to your budget and targets. We manage all your campaigns.

We designed following most powerful paid advertisement packages for you and your companies success

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You want to have success for your business in the internet? Here are the most important 22 steps you need to do.

  1. Have a great product or service and at least one point why someone should buy it from you and not from someone else.
  2. Know your market, the persons who buy from you, your competitors and the prices for comparable products or services.
  3. Focus on a niche market. Target a small audience.
  4. Learn from your market, ask the people what they need.
  5. Build a website, easy to use, with simple language, great pictures and videos, not too much text and the possibility to buy your product or service.
  6. Make sure all your niche markets are mentioned on your website. Can a client find what he is looking for?
  7. SEO optimize your website.
  8. Think of how your niche target market would look for your product or service. Google those keywords/keywordstrings. Check each website of the first 100. Learn from competitors, find partners and do backlinking or linkexchange where it makes sense.
  9. Build a Social Media Network, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Googleplus, LinkedIn and Pinterest.
  10. Join groups, communities, boards and forums of your niche market.
  11. Write unique content with great headlines and post regularly on your website, on your social media network and in the groups, communities, boards and forums.
  12. Organize your daily job. Have content, pictures and videos ready two month before you post them.
  13. Plan ahead. Schedule your postings 2 months upfront. You can use hootsuite for that.
  14. Answer all questions in every network as soon as possible.
  15. Put your product or service on other most used selling platforms, for example amazon, booking.com, airbnb, Lazada, craigslist, …
  16. If you have a location, add it to googlemaps.
  17. Create a promotional video and spread it to all your channels.
  18. Look for review pages, claim your business and answer all questions in time.
  19. Collect great testimonials (written, verbal or video) and publish them on your website and through all your channels.
  20. Use tools and analyze regularly the visitors of your page, social media networks and video channels. Do some changes if necessary.
  21. Promote your product or services in facebook. Target your niche market.
  22. Do a keywordstring research. Promote your product and services with google adverts.

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